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  1. Indian Coconut Charcoal. 13 days ago

    The good news is, we have a solution that can help. Charcoal is made from Coconut. About Coconut Charcoal • Burns 30% hotter at 6000 BTUs • Burns longer than Hardwood • Does not impart a coconut flavor • Largely smokeless- Excellent for Grilling and Searing. I'd love to learn more about your specific situation and explore how Khushi Exim-India can assist you in the preferred environmentally friendly and sustainable option to traditional hardwood charcoal.

  2. charcoal briquette 2 months ago

    We produce charcoal briquette Shisha and premium quality BBQ

  3. Coal from Russia to China 3 months ago

    We are ready to supply coal from Russia to China. QUALITATIVE CHARACTERISTICS Moisture, Wtr,% мах. 14,0\ Ash (аг), Аг,% мах. 16,0\ Volatile matter (daO, Vdaf,6-42 \ Sulfur (г), Str,% мах. 0,6\ Minimum Calorific Value (net as received), Qir, kcal/kg 5500 \Size 0-50 PRICE and Destination - DAP station Zabaykalsk in July 2023 is set up as follows: 700,00 CNY/MT.

  4. Acenew Portable Power Station Neutron 1200, 1500W Solar Generator/Portable Power Station 3 months ago

    Acenew Portable Power Station Neutron 1200, 1500W Solar Generator for Outdoor Camping RV, 1221Wh Battery Backup with Dual PD 100W and Wireless Charge, Home Backup & Off-grid (Solar Panel Optional)

  5. COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL 3 months ago


  6. Fwd: JetA1,EN590 3 months ago

    Good time of day. Taking this opportunity, we express our respect to you and wish you financial well-being and prosperity! Our group has the ability to provide direct export supplies of petroleum products (refineries) from the following countries: Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and the United States. All the supply is guaranteed to meet the standard specifications and to pass the stringent requirements of SGS or equivalent in compliance with ICC international regulations. With an opportunity given to us to supply your company with the requested product. We are very much interested in doing business with your esteem Company with all transparency and close deal successfully with both parties involve and look forward for more years of good relationship. Please write me on my email below to get SCO. oleg.*********@gmail.com +7(919)***5262 WhatsApp

  7. Diesel Oil 4 months ago

    Diesel Engine Oil - *TARO 55 XL* - 91 Containers available 128 Drums each container 200 Liter per drum Total Quantity: 2423 MT

  8. coconut shell charcoal briquette 4 months ago

    PT ERFOURS GROUP SEJAHTERA A company engaged in the manufactur trade and supplier of coconut shell charcoal briquettes experienced in selecting quality raw materials to create the best premium coconut shell charcoal briquettes in the world from indonesia Many countries in the world are competing to develop new energy sources renewable along with reduced energy reserves sourced from fossils. We also developing this renewable energy source, one of which is energy from biomass. Coconut shell charcoal briquettes are one of the potential biomass energy developments One of these energy sources is alternative energy to replace fossil fuels (petroleum). because of some of its properties Profitable, that is, usable in a sustainable manner due to its adaptable nature renewable (renewable resources), relatively does not contain sulfur so no cause air pollution Quality control Meet the needs of clients or customers by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Professional Team Appointed consultants from various disciplines on specific projects and our team is very hard working. We have a highly skilled team of committed and motivated professionals who specialize in their respective core areas

  9. Jet A-1 5 months ago

    jet a-1, en 590, gasoil, urea

  10. Gasoline (92/95/98) 5 months ago

    jet a-1, en 590, gasoil, urea, gasoline