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  1. Home Lights Bees wax Clay pot Candles 1 PCS -White Smokeless Ceylon Unscented Candles for Shabbat, Weddings, Christmas, Home Decorative 6 months ago

    Ideal for small spaces, work desks, small rooms and bathrooms. Burn time: 10 - 15 hours Diameter: 7 cm Height: 3 cm Package Include : 1 PCS

  2. briquette charcoal 8 months ago

    Charcoal made from coconut shells

  3. Used Cooking Oil (UCO) 9 months ago

    Our Used Cooking Oil is ISCC certified. We are highly trusted by large companies producing biodiesel, cosmetics, soap. Our collection of used cooking oil in a relatively effective way through our contracted supply chain so that our capacity can be continuously stable. Apart from being a supplier, of course we are happy to help companies that have collaborated with us so that they can be assisted with direct field marketing and digital marketing. 100% collaboration can contribute to mutual benefit and brotherhood.

  4. Organic Bamboo Toothbrush 11 months ago

    From chew stick to cattle bone brush to plastic- the evolution of your current toothbrush has come a long way! chewing neem sticks with rock salt is a practice we in rural India still follow while the urbanites consider this obsolete and unhygienic for oral health. We are Indodent, and we say the same is now available in your style and just like your toothbrush! Bamboo brushes with biodegradable bristles are the newest trend that is a must-have and must-use!

  5. garden grass (durable) 1 years ago

    garden grass (durable)

  6. Decorative flower pots in desired sizes 1 years ago

    Decorative flower pots in desired sizes