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  1. Fresh Guava 3 days ago

    Fresh Guava with Export Quality


    We produce special foods for people with pku and celiac

  3. Fresh Hot Chili 23 days ago

    Fresh hot chili now from Egypt

  4. Frozen Pomegranate 24 days ago

    Frozen Pomnagranet now from Egypt

  5. Xanthan Gum - 200 and 80 mesh 28 days ago

    Xanthan is available in Food grade and Drilling grade as well. there are two mesh size 200 and 80. We are manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of Chemicals Industrial, Food Additives, Pharmaceutical and Water Treatment Chemicals, Cosmetic Chemical and Agrochemical etc. We have rich experience of trading business since 2010.

  6. fresh Egyptian Lemons 1 months ago

    Fresh Egyptian Lemon from safe food

  7. Bees Honey from Iran at jabel Ali port 1 months ago

    We have top quality bees mountain honey for sale Already at jabel Ali port

  8. frozen French fries 1 months ago

    frozen french fries 9*9

  9. fresh Barhi dates 1 months ago

    Barhi dates from Egypt

  10. Fresh Pineapples 1 months ago

    We have Fresh Pineapple available in large quantity for export from Cameroon. Contact us on WhatsApp for more details