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  1. Wheat bran 4 months ago

  2. Peat briquette - wholesale 7 months ago

    Hi, KAMAR Wyrzysk invites you to buy peat briquettes in Big Bags (1 Big bag = 500 kg) Price is equal to 200 EUR per ton, without transport. Waiting time - max. week. Product - the highest quality. Peat briquette is a 100?ological fuel. An ideal substitute for coal and wood - pressed briquettes under very high pressure have a much higher density than wood and do not crumble, and the calorific value is comparable to black coal, while burning with peat briquettes does not cause corrosion of boilers and soot deposition in furnaces and chimney ducts. Belarusian briquette has one of the best parameters and is considered to be of the highest quality in the world. Peat briquettes are already used in Scandinavia and many European countries, where they are called the ecological fuel of the future. Usage : Briquette can be successfully used wherever coal has been used so far and wood is an effective and cheap heating medium. Central heating stoves, Tile stoves - in single and multi-family houses. We invite you and encourage you, because we have the best goods!!! P.S. Actual photos. The price is the net price with transport to Wlkp. when buying wholesale quantities. Outside Wielkopolska, the price may slightly increase. Best regards Lukas from KAMAR Company

  3. Certified EN Plus A1 pellets (pine - Polish product) 7 months ago

    Wholesale / Retail - Certified EN Plus A1 pellets. Our company strongly recommends and invites lovers of ecological solutions to purchase the highest quality heating fuels. Price is equal to 254 EUR per ton, without transport. We guarantee fast and professional delivery !!! We also invite you to visit our website, and on facebook. Product features: - pellets are ecological, environmentally friendly and modern fuel material made of dry sawdust and pine shavings pressed under high pressure, - it is made of 100% wood without additives and impurities, - we offer pellets that meet all standards in accordance with the European standard, - Diameter: 6mm - Net weight of the package: 15 kg - DIN EN ISO 17225-2 DINplus / EN Plus A1 standard - Ash content: ≤ 0.5% - Calorific value: ≥ 4.6 kWh / kg or 1656 kJ / kg - Bulk density: 600 ≤ GN ≤ 750 - Sulfur content: ≤ 0.04% - Moisture: ≤ 10% - Ash deformation temperature: ≥ 1200 ° C Please contact us. P.S. Pellets are packed in bags of 15 kg. There are 66 bags on the pallet. The cost of delivery is determined individually. Thank you for choosing our warehouse, we wish you successful shopping. Best regards

  4. RUF Brikkets Holzbriketts  8 months ago

    Verkauft Briketts Ruf aus Kiefer 100% Hochwertige Preis pro Palette 960 kg  400 Euro brutto als Qualitätsnachweis die Möglichkeit, ein Muster zu versenden Großhandel nur des ganzen Autos 24 Tonne

  5. A1 wood pellets 15kg pine wood available in bulk 8 months ago


  6. Milk powder , diet supplements 1 years ago

    I am looking for buyers who want to buy milk powder , diet supplements. Shiping from Poland.

  7. Covid19 Rapid Antijen Test Kit 1 years ago

    Covid-19 Antigen in detections Fast Diagnosis test 15 minute detection time +485164******7