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  1. Export UREA 46% from Russia. 2 months ago

    Export UREA 46% from Russia.

  2. Carbamide B (UREA 46%) from Qatar. 2 months ago

    Carbamide B (UREA 46%) from Qatar.

  3. Carbamide B (UREA 46%) from Russia. 2 months ago

    Carbamide B (UREA 46%) from Russia.

  4. Export of drinking water from Russia. 2 months ago

    Export of drinking water from Russia.

  5. Coal from Russia to China 3 months ago

    We are ready to supply coal from Russia to China. QUALITATIVE CHARACTERISTICS Moisture, Wtr,% мах. 14,0\ Ash (аг), Аг,% мах. 16,0\ Volatile matter (daO, Vdaf,6-42 \ Sulfur (г), Str,% мах. 0,6\ Minimum Calorific Value (net as received), Qir, kcal/kg 5500 \Size 0-50 PRICE and Destination - DAP station Zabaykalsk in July 2023 is set up as follows: 700,00 CNY/MT.

  6. Chocolate 3 months ago

    We produce from natural chocolate according to the highest standards Chocolate set "Altai" 3 pcs. 100gr. each, 85mm* 155mm bitter chocolate/ milk chocolate 1.Maral root bitter chocolate, 2.Pine nuts milk chocolate, 3. Bitter chocolate with pantohematogen. Chocolate panel Christmas tree 300gr., 130mm*190mm or 100gr., 90mm*125mm Bitter chocolate or Milk chocolate

  7. Fwd: JetA1,EN590 3 months ago

    Good time of day. Taking this opportunity, we express our respect to you and wish you financial well-being and prosperity! Our group has the ability to provide direct export supplies of petroleum products (refineries) from the following countries: Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and the United States. All the supply is guaranteed to meet the standard specifications and to pass the stringent requirements of SGS or equivalent in compliance with ICC international regulations. With an opportunity given to us to supply your company with the requested product. We are very much interested in doing business with your esteem Company with all transparency and close deal successfully with both parties involve and look forward for more years of good relationship. Please write me on my email below to get SCO. oleg.*********@gmail.com +7(919)***5262 WhatsApp

  8. Wheat For Sale! - Wholesale supplier 4 months ago

    Sourced directly from Russia, our wheat upholds the highest quality standards. We guarantee a consistent and reliable supply, with a monthly capacity of 50,000 tons. For specific wheat requirements or further assistance, please contact me directly at +97252*****627. We look forward to serving you and contributing to your business success. Warm regards, Dimitri Porkhun +97*****627 dimitri.north******er@gmail.com

  9. Jet A-1 5 months ago

    jet a-1, en 590, gasoil, urea

  10. Gasoline (92/95/98) 5 months ago

    jet a-1, en 590, gasoil, urea, gasoline